• Call Analytics - Get detailed reporting on multiple telecom switches

  • Call Reporting - Graphs and reports on calls and minutes by country

  • VoIP Monitoring - Monitor call records in realtime

  • World Map - Monitor calls by country on a world map


The Professional’s Open Source Call Analytics Solution

“… it is by far the best open source call reporting software for Asterisk & FreeSWITCH…”

What is CDR-Stats

CDR-Stats is a web-based telecoms application for analysing and reporting on CDR (Call Detail Records) for multiple tenants delivered from Asterisk, Freeswitch and other supported telecoms switches.

Features & Benefits

CDR-Stats is free and open source, with web pages designed to be fluid and responsive suiting a range of web browsing devices. CDR-Stats utilises the high performance scalable database, MongoDB, to efficiently interrogate many millions of CDR.

Get Started

Deploying CDR-Stats is straightforward with our beginner’s guide, install scripts and documentation. Professional Installation and support is also available from StarBilling allowing you analyse call data rather be concerned with the technology.

Native support for :
Support Freeswitch and Asterisk

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