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CDR-Stats have the following features, and more are being delivered as CDR-Stats is developed. CDR-Stats can also be integrated with many third party applications to create innovative and profitable telecoms services.

CDR-Stats Management

  • Telecommunications CDR Mediation to normalise CDR into the same format for rating.
  • Telecoms call rating to put a cost against each call.
  • Multi-tenant design that allows call detail records from multiple switches or PBX systems.
  • Custom alarm triggers can be set to email the administrator for a range of conditions including unusual average call durations, failed calls, and unexpected destinations called.
  • Graphical tools help detect unusual call patterns which may indicate suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • Import CSV
  • Configure Switches for import
  • Create Customer and assign accountcode
  • Configure alert to detect unsual increase/decrease of Traffic


CDR-Stats Customer Portal

  • Password management
  • Call Details Record
  • Monthly, Daily, Hourly Call reporting
  • Impact Reporting
  • Country Reporting
  • Realtime Reporting of calls in progress
  • View Fraudulent Calls
  • Concurrent Call Statistic
  • Configure Mail Reporting
  • Top 10 destination Traffic
  • Export to CSV

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