Managed Install

If you would prefer to concentrate on the commercial aspects of your business, rather than be concerned with the underlying technology, Star2Billing offer a commercial installation, deployment support and training for CDR-Stats with added security to allow it to be hosted on the public Internet.

We offer fixed price installs of the CDR-Stats Platform which can be tailored to the needs and requirements of the customer in terms of both scale and required role.

You will need to provide us with a server installed with Debian and give us SSH access, we will do the rest, then provide you with training and deployment support. Alternatively, we can offer you a hosted server from €59 Euro per month.


CDR-Stats Install

We offer an installation on a single server for €475 Euro, buy now using the Paypal button below, and we will contact you to arrange installation.



Where more than a simple installation is required, we can advise on the best solution, and where custom work is required, quote a fixed price. For more details on the CDR-Stats installation options contact us at [email protected]