We offer installation, training, development and support services for those that may prefer to concentrate on their business rather than the technical aspects of installing and configuring a CDR-Stats system.

There is no minimum support term, simply cancel your subscription if you no longer require ongoing support.

Premium Support Contract

Euro €750/Month
  • Check system.
  • 4 Working hour response.
  • 10 hours / month.
  • Discounted development.
  • Software Upgrade.

Single Incident Support

Euro €150/Month
  • 1 Working day response.
  • 1 Support Incident.

Upgrade CDR-Stats

Euro €250
  • 1 working day response time.


We offer bespoke software development, system and and architecture design and consultancy for CDR-Stats. Please Contact us for more details.

Self Help

You can also get support from our community through our forum, the self-help guides and documentation.