Support Contract and Bugfix Guarantee

For those who have purchased an installation of CDR-Stats with no support contract, or have self-installed, a support contract can be provided along with a bug-fix guarantee.

Where a bug is discovered in CDR-Stats, it will be fixed at no charge. If the bug is determined as major, it will be fixed as soon as is practicable, and minor bugs will be fixed in the next release.

As part of the support contract, we will:

    • Check your system for security and operation.
    • 4 Working hour response time.
    • 5 Support Incidents per month.
    • Provide a bug-fix guarantee.
    • Discount development rates.
    • Upgrade CDR-Stats (1 support incident).

There is no minimum support term, simply cancel your subscription if you no longer require ongoing support.

The cost is €475 Euro per month.



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