CDR-Stats rewritten

Hi Everyone,

We’ve got some great news news for you! A new version of CDR-Stats is coming soon and it’s a full rewrite of our previous software. Our team have been very busy during the last few months as we wanted to give to CDR-Stats the design it deserves.

CDR-Stats is used by hundreds of users in the Asterisk community, it answered a need and certainly a lot of people were very happy with it, but we found it was weak in some aspects.

Some of the limitations were :

  • Flexibility, the design of the software didn’t allow us to support many switches easily, so even if we wanted to support FreeSWITCH, our current design was not the most appropriate.
  • Scalability, CDR is simple data but once you try to analyse it, you quickly find the limitations of the database engine. Building in realtime and complex reporting became an almost impossible task.
  • High Availability, nobody want to lose their data and especially not if the data is used for billing purposes. Solutions are available but it’s not cheap or easy to build replication into MySQL.
  • Realtime reporting is a feature a lot of people were asking for, to see exactly what was happening on their switches.

The good news is,  a solution is coming… and it’s coming very soon, so stay tuned!


a CDR-Stats is coming soon