CDR-STATS v2.0-Beta3 released

Dear all,

We released v2.0beta3 today, it has been quite a challenge over the last month, but we are excited to say that we reached a new milestone today :

V2.0Beta3 has 40,000 code lines changes since Beta2, it’s a lot of code re-factoring, improvements and bug fixes.

The main goodies are :

Concurrent Calls and Realtime now works for Asterisk, we integrated with Asterisk using the AMI with the Pyst Library.
Faster reporting / better caching!
– We moved to MongoDB 2.2, we are not using mapreduce anymore which was buggy for some of you, so we moved to the aggregation framework:
– We have a strong test suite, building with continuous integration and we use Travis-CI to check that all our tests pass after each commit / releases. This helps us to make CDR-Stats more reliable, as well as making sure we don’t break things when adding new features.
– We ported to Twitter bootstrap’s latest Version 2.2.1 :
– Added an API explorer, a good way to test APIs

We need help with Coding, Translation, Documentation, Testing, etc… so if you are willing to help and don’t know how, feel free to ask me.

We will appreciate if you can give try it and send us feedback.

Kind regards,

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