CDR-STATS v2.0-Beta4 released

We released v2.0beta4 today, we are getting closer to a stable release!

Our plans are to release a first RC (Release Candidate) next week, so your input is needed!

Since Beta3 a week ago, we fixed many things :

  • * Realtime option on Asterisk was quite unstable, using Redis for realtime is a better solution
  • * Refactor the country reporting, since introduction of the aggregate framework, we had a big loss of performance in country reporting, this is now fast.
  • * ACL for the front-end, every report can now be configured to be shown for a user
  • * Can search alphanumeric on CallerID number and Destination
  • * Add unknown direction for standard Asterisk Calls
  • * Hide criteria on CDR View, few cosmetic improvements and more…

We need help with Coding, Translation, Documentation, Testing, etc… so if you are willing to help and don’t know how, feel free to ask.

As always, we will appreciate it if you can give it a try and send us feedback.

Kind regards,