CDR-Stats v2 Beta, Ready to Test

Hi All,

We have released CDR-Stats version 2 in beta. This is a ground-up rewrite of CDR-Stats and adds a number of new features:

  • MongoDB is used by CDR-Stats to create a highly scalable database system which is designed to maintain high performance when faced with analysing large quantities of data.
  • Single and Multi-server architectures to allow reporting on many millions of calls from multiple call data sources.
  • Browser Responsive – The pages resize to suit any browsing device so CDR-Stats can be managed from a phone browser, tablet or computer.
  • Alarms – Custom alarm triggers can be set for a range of conditions including average length of calls, failed calls, and unexpected destinations called.
  • Realtime Reporting of calls in progress on supported platforms.
  • Fraud detection – Using graphical tools helps spot patterns which may indicate suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • Multi-tenant System that allows CDR from multiple sources or CDR assigned to customers on the basis of account-code.

We have built a number of installation guides and scripts for a range of scenarios. These can be found at and we invite you to install CDR-Stats on your testing servers.

We look forward to your feedback and comments either via our mailing list at or emailed directly to [email protected]