CDR-Stats V2 Release Candidate

A month ago we released CDR-Stats version 2 in beta and today we are now releasing our first Release Candidate. We hope that this will be our last release before our stable release. If you haven’t tested CDR-Stats yet, we invite you to do so, as you will be surprised by the speed and performance of our CDR analysis software.

Since last month, we focused on improving performance, for intance the CDR writing has been improved by a very high factor thanks to a rewrite of our pre-aggregation process and is explained in more detail at :

At the same time, we reduced the amount of disk reads and writes required by CDR-Stats and now CDR-Stats is capable of analysing millions of Call Details Records almost instantly.

We look forward to your feedback and comments either via our mailing list at or emailed directly to [email protected]

/Areski and the CDR-Stats Team