Freeswitch Support

We are working on the Freeswitch Support, this will come up soon,
follow our work on our development version :


  1. Its an excellent tool for asterisk who needs call by call report.
    I have done with cdr stats old version.
    but i am unable to install in my vici server,

    asterisk 1.4.27
    mysql 5
    centos 5.5

    I need detail description how to install with mysql.


  2. 2 questions:

    1. Does CDR-Stats v1.1.0 support FreeSWITCH?
    2. When do you believe FreeSWITCH compatible version will be released?

  3. No it doesn’t support it at the moment.
    I hope this will come at some point in November.

  4. Areski – Any update on Freeswitch support? Is this still on the roadmap?

  5. We are getting there :) so yes, it’s still on the roadmap

  6. Hi Areski! Any update on implementing FreeSwitch support? When are you planning to publish a git version?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

  7. Hi Michael,
    We might not publish the git version right now, cause we are pretty unhappy with it.
    I’m going to use an other approach to rewrite the Freeswitch support and make the whole app much more flexible,
    I hope we will get something by end of June.


  8. Hi Areski,

    how is it going with cdr-stats support for FreeSwitch? I’ve seen your outstanding work on Newfies Dialer, and thought you must be short on development power. But still it would be wonderful to have cdr-stats go along with cdr-csv mod.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best Regards

  9. We are planning to refocus on this during the month of September and hope to come with a nice solution.


  10. And use for FreeSWITCH like Asterisk-stat-v2 is unavailable?

  11. Not yet but we will come up with a new version soon

  12. Hey guys,
    Any breakthroughs on teh freeswitch version?
    Package looks fantastic, eager to use it…

  13. Our priority shifted a bit as we are working strongly on Newfies-Dialer (
    As soon as we get out of Beta we will push CDR-Stats with FreeSWITCH

  14. Hi Areski,

    The CDR-Stats already support freeswitch platform!?


  15. Hi Carlos, It doesn’t support Freeswitch yet but I’m planning to get on this very shortly. I’m working on Newfies-Dialer ( so our priority shifted a bit.

  16. I dig your work Areski

  17. BTW the Freeswitch version will comes in the following weeks! Stay tuned!